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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning it is a monday morning. there's something special about it. >> world series champions! >> congratulations to our giants sweeping on the road in detroit, always tough sweeping on the road, but they did it. a lot of folks heading to work this morning a little foggy outside. good morning mike. clouds along the coast also starting to move a little more into the bay. don't see radar returns. in fact, i didn't have to use the wipers even though i drove up into the cloud deck, you may need to closer to the coast and around the bay. clouds stubborn at the coast, sunny spots, low to mid 60s sun around the bay noon and
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low to mid 70s for you inland sunshine for the better part of the day except north bay where we have the fog now. mid to upper 70s here. here's sue. good morning. fog is the issue. very thick patches come up suddenly down on the span of the golden gate bridge traffic light at this hour but the fog will be a factor. 280 northbound san francisco king street that extension closed. at&t park celebration got out of hand they are still cleaning up expect that closure to be lifted 6:00 this morning. roadwork in the north bay northbound 101 through cortamadera past village shopping center down to two lanes. that clean up in a second. giants are waking up world series champions this morning. with that final out, which we
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look at now in the 10th inning, they celebrate their sweep of the tigers. at home the celebrations that began peacefully, turned rowdy and destructive in several pockets of the city. amy hollyfield kicks off live team coverage. >> reporter: to celebrate the sweep, a lot of street parties erupted down near the ballpark and market street. it included vandalism. look at this shot from sky 7, shows a bonfire lit here in the middle of the action at the ballpark at 3rd and king street. people were celebrating, dancing, popping champagne, spraying it all over the place. the big bonfire in the middle of the street also a car was over turned on market street where a lot of people took their celebration to. dancing, a man dancing on a
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muni bus, muni bus also set on fire. a taxi driver had to deal with people opening his trunk and stalling him from trying to get through. these celebrations did block traffic throughout the area throughout the night. some fans said they were disappointed to see the vandalism. >> i was absolutely shocked. i couldn't believe that was happening. it is scary to think because the giants won -- it is supposed to be fun too bad there wasn't somewhere we could all go and have a good time. >> reporter: last night police took a bit of a hands-off approach. they did have riot gear there reports of bottles and rocks thrown at they will, they didn't swarm in and stop from it happening and make massive arrests. they said they will have a better sense and get a count of arrests this morning. they heard of some injuries they said nothing minor -- no
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life-threatening injuries. there are still barricades out here and police have blocked off sections of the embarcadero king street area in front of the ballpark. not major shutdowns, if you have to get through this area, -- [ unintelligible ] we'll give you updates as soon as we have them as to when this will be opening back up. we've seen street cleaners trying to recover from the wild night. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police in the mission district were busy putting out fires overnight, literally. kira klapper continues live team coverage. >> reporter: good morning. not much to show you this morning of what those rowdy fans left behind. there are still some garbage
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piles of what was burning overnight. now just wet streets. trash trucks finishing the cleanup that has been going on for hours now. let's get to you our video of what they are cleaning up after revelers set three big bonfires and mission street. this fire at mission and 21st, 10:30 last night, fans set fire to a dumpster, dancing and cheering around it, watching it burn steps from buildings. police and fire stood back. it was only when the flames threatened buildings, apartments and stores nearby that fire crews were escorted in by police on dirt bikes they to move in to clear the crowds from the flames. others were throwing gasoline creating fireballs, a fire one block away at mission and 22nd where some people had
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fireworks. throughout the night, they burned trash chance, couches, signs, newspaper racks. a fire chief told abc7 news that monday morning is garbage day so they had plenty of things to burn as the celebration continued into the night. here this morning, things returning to normal, a few trash piles behind me. there were police barricades they've moved out of the way there shouldn't be too many interferences on their way to work or school on this monday morning. kira klapper, abc7 news. the giants are coming home this afternoon after their win in a tough 4-3 victory in 10th inning giants took an early lead in the 2nd inning. in the 3rd, tigers took the first lead in the series.
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>> announcer: fly ball! >> triple crown winner cabrera hits two-run homer, 2-1 detroit, posey answers with two-run homer making it 3-2 giants. tigers fight back, young sends this cain pitch into the stands for homerun, 3-3 tie. that is in the 10th inning, scutaro drops single into center field, giants take back the lead. here is the bottom of the 10th, romo strikes out cabrera who goes down looking and the celebration begins as giants win it 4-3. >> to play like we did i couldn't be prouder. to be world champions in two out of the last three years it is amazing. >> the team's only regret is they showered themselves in champagne, like in 2010, they
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didn't win it at home. believe us, we are not complaining. >> not at all. champagne tastes good after a victory like that giants will be honored with parade wednesday morning, mayor lee made announcement last night the city will salute the champions as they did in 2010, when this downtown parade concluded with a celebration at civic center plaza, the parade will start at 11 a.m. foot of market, follow to the -- you can watch the parade live right here on abc 7 wednesday. also stream life through our ipad app and website. more details on abc7 wednesday very big day not only is the parade for the giants also halloween. all of that threat of rain. >> and then there's hurricane
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sandy threatening the east coast. mike has the weather. we start with what is happening right now. good morning. half mile concord, quarter napa, most dangerous coming down 101 through novato now mile and half at half moon bay expect more of these areas to see less and less visibility as we head through the morning this is going to slowly leak northwest to southeast across the bay shoreline. watch out for varying conditions this morning and the next couple of hours with that thick fog. storm track still well north, it is close enough now we are getting an onshore breeze offshore wind that brought a mild weekend is over that's why we have the clouds back and foggy conditions this morning. most of us will be clear by noon, except the coast, 58 coast, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us, clouds hang at the coast during the afternoon, mid 60s rest of us low to mid 70s 4:00, clouds push back
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east into the bay by 7:00, mid 60s for you, 69 inland need a coat at the coast, 59° there. next three days, more clouds, cooler weather tuesday, good thing they are having the parade in the morning wednesday they couldn't have it thursday morning there will be lingering rain, rain wednesday moves into the north bay during the afternoon slowly sink south. we'll show you that coming up in one second. of course we'll be checking to see how fog is affecting your commute, when we come back. >> fans are not just celebrating in the bay area, next the die-hard fans who traveled to detroit and got to see the final game in person. we are following breaking news on the east coast as millions brace for hurricane sandy and a possible superstorm. you are looking at a live picture from the jersey coast. big waves, a lot more on sandy, coming up.
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welcome back. here's a look at sandy and the wet weather from d.c. to virginia beach, delmarva peninsula, philadelphia it is going to be as good as advertising unprecedented storm hits the northeast today through next couple of days. if you are heading that way, thousands of flights cancelled from now through wednesday. more news from eric. 4:43. crowd of die-hard fans traveled to detroit to watch the giants sweep the tigers. wayne freedman was among the fans who flew to comerica park. >> do you believe this?
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>> no, it is still i'm in a dream state out of respect for detroit fans i didn't want to jump up and down in my seat. >> sweep is the same anywhere. i was in texas with a panda hat on my head, come on. >> the giants fans in comerica park watched in temperatures in the 30s. they say it was worth it. let's see how your commute is going. good morning. fog is the factor this morning. it comes up quickly and very thick. you can see a bit of a haze this is the macarthur maze, traffic flowing nicely, 85, 80 and 880 into the bay bridge toll. see it is very light here, metering lights off, a bit of a haze on to the span right now the fog there light. eastbound 4 at loveridge roadwork lanes shutdown
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detoured off then back on eastbound 4. westbound looking good out of antioch towards pittsburg, less than 15 minutes on that drive, central valley towards livermore there's your drive there, looking good at this hour, at&t park 280 northbound king street off-ramp closed from cleanup from last night. approximating that will be open by 6:00. amy hollyfield is there we'll check in with her in a bit. 4:45. thousands of fans watch and celebrate the world series title at san francisco's civic center. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo, following hurricane sandy as the storm barrels towards the east coast. mandatory evacuation orders in multiple towns in multiple states, subway ñc?xús1@ú?
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temperatures for today around the bay, it was dry across california. clouds more stubborn along the coast, cooler, mid 60s half moon bay to san francisco, low to mid 70s bay shore, three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. if you are traveling today cooler weather taking over eastern 2/3 of the country. as of last night, the latest reports we have of this morning, 7500 flights canceled into the northeast, today, tomorrow and wednesday because of what sandy is going to do when it becomes a hybrid storm today. at home low clouds, probably will have flight into sfo as soon as we know we'll let you know. right now more about breaking news on the east coast. hurricane sandy is approaching and 50 million are in the storm's path. katie marzullo is tracking the
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storm and its affects from our newsroom. >> right now the abc station in new york is reporting 5500 people are without power in new jersey. the storm hasn't fully gotten to that state yet. we have a live look right now this the pier in atlantic city, new jersey you can see waves pummeling the pier there, getting stronger by the minute. president obama has signed an emergency declaration for new jersey, numerous towns have issued voluntary evacuation orders some recently have been switched to mandatory orders. some video be, the same goes for new york governor cuomo declared a state of emergency, mobilizes air national guard in new york city the transit system is shutdown, schools closed hundreds of thousands ordered to leave their homes new york stock exchange shutdown today that includes electronic trading. thousands of flights are cancelled. >> the storm is moving slowly,
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bringing high volumes of rain. essentially this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> reporter: take a look at this, this is the view from space hurricane sandy off the coast of the carolinas, provided by nasa because of the size and dense population, forcasters expect 50 million to feel the affects. look how massive that is. sandy has already proven deadly killing at least 67 in the caribbean last week, 51 of those people in haiti. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 4:50. president obama is returning to washington earlier than planned today to oversee emergency operations in response to hurricane san ditch the president jammed plans for three vents in three states after visiting fema headquarters yesterday. fema workers -- will run the nerve center that coordinates the government's response to
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the storm mr. obama reminded people to follow instructions of local officials before he cancelled a scheduled appears in florida. hurricane sandy forced mitt romney to change his plans for the second time in the last few days. romney campaigned in the state of ohio yesterday instead of virginia as planned. his campaign cancelled appearance for tomorrow in new hampshire. romney telling supporters one stop in ohio, our throughouts and prayers where the -- our thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in harm's way. many fans watching on a jumbotron. thousands watched the world series with other giants' fans and share that sweet victory. others lined restaurants and bars in the city. a lot of celebrating there.
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now they are ready for the parade which will be this wednesday. the planning started days ago when we were heading in the right direction. i didn't say only two more games until we have the world series. i didn't want to jinx us. >> i know, i said full out, because i wasn't superstitious. >> we'll look at sandy of course what is going to happen wednesday with the parade and trick-or-treating. first the embarcadero center which is an in orange looks beautiful. -- which is an glow orange it looks beautiful. -- low clouds in some of the taller buildings of the embarcadero center shrouded, fuzzy because of the low clouds around the bay. let's see if it is spitting out anything in the form of precipitation bigger than drizzle. right now live doppler 7 hd quiet because it is just
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mainly drizzle we are seeing out of this system. yeah, you may need the wipers especially if you drive into the low clouds, what is a cloud made of? water, obviously. as far asan did, you can see -- as far as sandy, you can see snow developing in west virginia where they could get a couple feet of wet heavy know that will bring down powers lines not on the winds are going to bring down the power lines also the heavy snow will do it too. latest on sandy, 85 mile per hour winds, hurricane 1, takes a turn, hits new york south of new york delmarva peninsula about nine or 10 tonight the best guess now that's the eye wall. the storm creating a lot of problems notice how long it hangs around northeast and new england until the weekend that is going to create flooding rains eventually with that storm the longer the
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storm is there the weaker the frees become the power poles become and they start snapping and we'll see millions without power. back at home, 48 santa rosa, the rest news the 50s except san jose 49, low to mid 50s monterey bay and inland. slow clearing today and cooler everywhere. cooling trend through at least thursday culminating with that rain likely for halloween into thursday. temperatures today low to mid 70s south bay. up the peninsula mid 70s, 68 in millbrae, low to mid 60s coast mid and upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito, low to mid 70s north bay valleys, near 60 at beaches low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore. mid to upper 70s here upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy, hollister, monterey 66, everybody else 70s monterey bay. 80s central valley most of the
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state going to be dry after lunch wednesday the rain will start moving into the north bay into the bay itself after sunset and get down to the south bay well after you finish trick-or-treating. live to the san mateo bridge clog-free here, fog is the main issue traffic-wise. flowing nicely towards foster city hayward side of things looking good. thick patchy fog around the bay area, comes up quickly be aware of that. this is san jose north 87 past hp pavillion, light, traffic at the limit in san francisco, celebration has northbound king street off-ramp of 280 shutdown until approximately 6:00. we'll check in with amy hollyfield in a little bit. elsewhere roadwork southbound 880 between fifth and 23rd, various lanes blocked until 5:30 this morning. north 101 ramp to northbound
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280 in san francisco roadwork construction until 6:00 this morning. hurricane sandy something having an impact on facebook employees who are supposed to be able to start selling their stock today, but with the market closed they have to wait. facebook workers own about 5.2 billion dollars worth of shares. treasure island residents can stop boiling water after it was confirmed tap water is safe to drink water main break forced residents to take the precaution all weekend. public utilities commission says the problem has been fixed. residents should flush pipes and appliances before resuming use, includes running cold water taps one minute and hot water taps for at least five minutes. new recruits begin training largest number the city has trained at one time. the previous record was 30,
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set three years ago. 8.6 million dollar grant provided by fema will pay for the new firefighters. the recruits will bring the department back to 683 firefighters, just shy of what the department had four years ago. giants win second world series championship in the past 25 months. we'll hear from the players in the locker room. plus, fans go wild on the streets of san francisco many turned into nat starting fires. we'll have live -- into fanatics, starting fires. we'll have live team coverage.
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